Testimonial 1

Testimonial 1
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Testimonial 1

Testimonials - Rubinchik - Cohen Dental Care in RedWood City-San Jose,California

Pain Free and Priced Fairly

Feb 24, 2014 by Rodger B,

Rubinchik – Cohen Dental Care

(650) 365-8982
902 Woodside Road

Redwood City CA, 94061

United States


While no one ever looks forward to visiting their dentist, Dr. Rubinchik has at least taken the dread out of the equation. His skill and diligence has removed all but the slightest wince from even the most difficult of procedures. And while this would be enough to recommend him, there is actually much more. Some twenty years ago when I first started going to him I was stunned to discover that I did not need a new filling or crown each time I came in. My previous dentist had obviously considered my mouth to be a financial gold mine. Once I switched to Dr. Rubinchik my teeth all of a sudden got well. Funny thing! So now we know the man is both competent and honest, right? So let’s talk cost. Having recently retired and correspondingly lost my dental insurance I became much more attentive to this element. As a result I went out and did some comparative pricing. It turns out this man is, if not a total bargain, at least a very good deal. So that’s pretty much it: quality workmanship, pain free, totally honest and priced fairly. Oh yeah, one last thing. He also has a great personality.

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